Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Day in Ski Paradise at Eldora Mountain Resort

I'm a rusty advanced intermediate skier that has slowed down as I've grown long in the tooth. A couple of horse wrecks involving broken shoulders, ribs, hands, etc. and things just don't work quite like they use to.

I've got a pair of Atomic parabolic "Shaped" skis but today the great folks at Eldora Mountain Resort were nice enough to let me try a pair of their new "Premium" line of rental skis. WOW! Eldora's experienced fitters set me up with a pair of Volkl Unlimited 50 170's shorter and wider than my Atomic's and put me in a pair of Technica Diablo boots because of my wide calves.

I was skeptical about the Technica Diablo boots, having always skied Solomon and Rossi's but honestly it's the first time in a long time my feet and calves have actually been comfortable for a full day of skiing. Really comfortable! After all these years I just didn't think that was possible. It looks like you'll be seeing my old boots on Craig's list.

As for the skis, I'll say it again. WOW! The technological improvements in ski equipment continue to amaze me. These skis were so easy to ski, I loved them.

As for the day, completely amazing! 40+ degrees, little to no wind, good snow, no people and no lines we skied right on the lifts. It was like the perfect day that everyone forgot to go skiing.

My wife Jeannine decided to take a lesson. Eldora's Ski School set her up with Gail Reichert. Gail's been instructing at Eldora since the 70's. Jeannine loved Gail and the personal instruction she got really helped her to perfect her skills and improve her self confidence. Thanks Gail.

I also want to thank Kristin and Rob with Eldora's marketing group for making this day possible along with our innkeeper Rachel who held down the fort back at the Alps Boulder Canyon Inn while Jeannine and I got out.

Well neadless to say Jeannine and I are both looking forward to sneaking out again to enjoy the great people and skiing at Eldora Mountain Resort.

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